Kansas City, MO

Family time elevated

The story

Looking for an enjoyable space for their family of three kids and a busy doctor, this family wanted a place to entertain and host friends and family. With a long wish list, Backyard by Design was challenged with creating a space that had everything these homeowners dreamed of in one spot. 

Features included

Hosting focused enjoyment

Next to the entertainment area is the pool. The rest of the space included outdoor audio and video systems, a fire pit, a full granite waterfall on the side of the pool, and a hot tub. The homeowner wanted everything under the sun, like black pavers and wasn’t afraid to go for it.

With decisive idea, however the challenge was how to put it together. When it came to the design we engineered it with client preferences in mind. The coping and inside of the pool is black and it made it phenomenal with shimmers of different colors of black underwater.

Dark reflections

Next to the entertainment area lies the relaxing pool area. This remaining portion of the space is complete with outdoor audio and video systems, a welcoming fire pit, a distinctive full granite waterfall gracing the pool’s side, and a luxurious hot tub for ultimate weekend relaxation.

The finishing touches include umbrellas for shade and a variety of loungers by the poolside. The dark accents contrast well with the light grays of the stonework in the kitchen and dining areas. The large amount of lighting around the pool and in the kitchen and dining area provide a great evening experience.

A Family friendly Oasis

Now, these homeowners never have to go far for outdoor luxury, and they achieved their goal of having an family focused oasis right in their backyard.

Come home to a backyard like this every day

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