It began as a dirt pile, or dirt piles to be more accurate. All this yard had was a little lake that sat perched in the corner with the rest of the yard sitting at a lower grade. The owner, however, had a vision of Cabos San Lucas, his favorite place in the world, and wanted to bring a piece of it to his own backyard.

Landscape Transformations

This is where the dreaming began with Backyard by Design guiding the process to ensure specifications and feasibility were covered. The negative slope in the backyard would prove to be a challenge as the owner wanted the edge of the pool to sit like an infinity pool on the edge of the pond. This meant bringing in thousands of tons of rock and fill.

A Relaxing Personal Oasis

The resulting efforts proved to be well worth it. A beautiful cabana complete with pizza oven and fireplace, an infinity pool with fire features, a waterfall flowing next to the water slide, and over the pool edge make for a beautiful relaxing paradise. Metal palm trees accentuate the experience by matching the Cabos San Lucas landscape and creating a stunning tropical vibe. Everyone asks where this is located and they are always surprised to hear this tropical oasis is in Blue Springs, Missouri.

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