Kansas City, Missouri

The story

When building a house in the style of an Old World Chateau-style villa, the outdoor experience needs to match its magnificence and scale. To complete the front and back yard plus gated entrance (with Koi pond) vision, it took over 2 years of planning and implementing during a 5 year period of the home construction. Once finished it proved to be a majestic entertainment space capable of hosting up to 300 guests. 

Features included

Old world elegance

The design approach kept multiple perspectives in mind. Not just visual aesthetics, but also what is the daylight experience, what is the nighttime experience, and then from a hosting perspective experience, for example, lots of people or only a few people. 

The key to the success was capturing the Old World charm and scale of the house, and making it feel like they were all from the same era. All these factors were taken into consideration during the design process

An atmosphere of grandeur

Overall the scale of this project had to match the grandeur of the house. Backyard by Design was able to capture the desired atmosphere and deliver a front and backyard experience to set the stage for the client’s lifestyle.

Come home to a backyard like this every day

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